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SureBroom - Broom Finish Overlay -  45lb Bag

SureBroom - Broom Finish Overlay - 45lb Bag

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SureBroom™ by Surecrete is designed to resurface high-traffic concrete surfaces without compromising color, design, or texture. SureBroom is a proprietary, single-component, self-bonding, cementitious overlayment. SureBroom can transform old, spalled, or worn-down concrete by eliminating surface defects, increasing wearability and coefficient of friction (COF).
  • Gray
  • 4-6.5 quarts water to 1-45lb bag
  • May be integrally colored with SC Color Packs*
  • 1 bag covers approximately 150-250 square feet

Want to add color to your project?
*SC Color Packs can be purchased separately here.

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